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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the role of the Southampton Residents’ Association?

In a nutshell, our role is to protect the interests of the community of Southampton within the amalgamated municipality of Saugeen Shores, by working with the staff and council of Saugeen Shores and other community groups to attain this goal.

Who can join?

Anyone with a love for Southampton, and who is interested in preserving the unique qualities that make up Southampton can join!

Isn’t the Association only for property owners in Southampton?

No…anyone can be a member. All that is required is a love of Southampton and its unique small-town characteristics.

Isn’t commercial and residential development a good thing for Southampton?

Yes and no. Yes, it is because it adds to the economic stability of the community. No, when development is allowed to run unchecked, with unsympathetic architecture in both residential and commercial buildings, detracting from the beauty and charm of Southampton.

What is the cost of membership?

Basic membership, without winter patrol, is only $25.00 per year. Membership with winter patrol is $75.00. Winter patrol fee for each additional property is $50.00.  Green Membership is $35.00 per year.

Why did the Southampton Beach Association and the Southampton Property Owners Association merge?

There is strength in numbers, which increased with the joining of our two associations. It also made sense for two groups with similar goals to join forces to meet these goals.  It has subsequently been renamed the Southampton Residents’ Association to better reflect these aims.


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